Safe children’s jewelry

Safe children’s jewelry

Jul 06 , 2022


Alexander Singer

Knowing that you can safely accessorize is a huge relief to many moms and grandmoms out there. There is nothing more adorable than those dainty earrings, stunning necklaces, and dangly bracelets. Below we have detailed a run down of what to look for in safe children’s jewelry so you can feel calm, and help your princess shine! 


What you need to know when buying safe kid’s jewelry

Often even a  newborn baby is adorned with pierced earrings and little mini bangles. The question is, is baby-safe jewelry an available product? I am into finding out all that you can, to find that perfect accessory, that is age-appropriate and equally safe for children. It's worth shopping around for a company with a helpful customer service that can guide you to buying jewelry that suits your needs. The main points you want to consider when avoiding kid’s jewelry dangers are: 

  1. Is it safe, i.e. no dangerous jewelry metals?
  2. Is it age-appropriate safety-wise?
  3. Is the company selling the jewelry a reputable and honest one?

Let us explore each one carefully. I want you to walk away from this article confident to purchase with ease. And remember, you do not have to sacrifice style or durability! Let’s start with number one on the list. Does the product you are looking to purchase contain dangerous metals?

1. Dangerous metals in jewelry

Dangerous metals you don’t want to buy are:

  • Nickel
  • Lead
  • Cadmium 

Nickel is a strong metal, and that is why it is often chosen to be used in jewelry. However, it is not something you want for your child, as nickel and lead (usually used together) can cause severe allergic reactions. According to the CDC (Centers for disease control and prevention), excessive exposure to nickel can cause harm to the lungs, stomach, and kidneys. Moreover, Mayo clinic recommends buying hypoallergenic jewelry to avoid a nickel allergy. 

Cadmium is toxic. No games here. It is a dangerous jewelry metal, and ingesting cadmium can cause serious health problems, even death. It’s something you definitely do not want in your kid's jewelry. 

Now that the dangerous metals in jewelry are clearly understood, we can move on to age-appropriate safety concerns.

2. Does safe jewelry for a 2-year-old exist? 

Wondering which jewelry is safe for babies and where to buy it? Yes! Safe children’s jewlery definitely does exist, and I will teach you how to confidently know what you're buying. 

First thing, moms need to know their children; is your little one tempted to put whatever she sees in her mouth? If you can answer no, then let's move on. Age-appropriate jewelry is definitely a concern when purchasing safe jewelry for kids. I wouldn't feel comfortable putting a necklace on a 2-year-old, but I feel confident putting earrings on her. Focus on the nontoxic product; research products devoid of dangerous metals in jewelry, and make sure it is completely hypoallergenic. 

Back to our original question, it's not just about knowing if safe jewelry for a 2-year-old exists. It definitely does! Explore the item you are purchasing, and know your child and her personality. After learning all this information, you now understand what you need to know to continue the search! 

3. Kid-safe jewelry from a reputable company

With all this clarity, we have reached the last remaining point to check off on our checklist. Buy from an honest and reputable company, which should have a phone number and liable mailing address, which usually confirms they are a legitimate business. The primary step is to contact the company to request a certificate of compliance. It is a good idea to read the reviews, learn from them, and see how the company responds and deals with its customers. Chanteur, a credible jewelry designer, is reputable and sells thousands of safe children's jewelry. 

Check out this beautiful bangle. The best part yet, this bangle is an expandable bangle, suitable for different ages. When researching, finding out which materials are safe for kids does not mean sacrificing style or quality, especially when buying from Chanteur. 

As we mentioned above, nickel, lead, and cadmium should not exist in safe children's jewelry, instead, look out for non-toxic metals, such as:

  • Titanium
  • Surgical steel
  • White or yellow gold

To sum it all up, hypoallergenic is what you are looking for. Kid-safe jewelry should be a top priority, bought from a highly credible company. 

Understanding jewelry that is safe for children - knowledge is key

Grasping the dangers lurking in kids' jewelry can help you safely purchase jewelry for kids. Look for non-toxic, hypoallergenic materials sold by reputable companies, and rest assured that it will be a success! 

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