What Are Hypoallergenic Earrings For Kids And Why You Need To Know About It

What Are Hypoallergenic Earrings For Kids And Why You Need To Know About It

Jul 12 , 2018


Alexander Singer

Buying Hypoallergenic earrings for kids can be an easy process when knowing what matters most; safety for your kid. Understanding the definition and what hypoallergenic entails, can help you feel secure with your purchase.

Guide To Understanding Hypoallergenic Earrings For Kids

Before we get started discussing how to buy hypoallergenic children's earrings, let's first define what hypoallergenic is and why it is important.

What are Hypoallergenic earrings for kids? 

The word Hypo means less than or under. Allergenic refers to allergies. Therefore, the word  Hypoallergenic means less likely to cause allergies or infection.  The term was first used in 1953, during a cosmetic movement, and gained much popularity. Any product that is considered hypoallergenic is known to be much gentler on the skin, making it an important factor when purchasing. 

The term Hypoallergenic is usually associated with; 

  • Skin care products
  • Cosmetics
  • Jewelry 
  • Earrings for kids


To achieve this goal of producing hypoallergenic items, the company uses special materials, or lack of certain metals, within their product. However, due to the fact that hypoallergenic is not a medical term, it’s important to be able to recognize the materials, such as nickel and lead, that are likely to cause allergies. This way you can check the ingredients yourself, and make sure that no real cause of allergy is within.

How To Be Sure You Are Buying Hypoallergenic Earrings

Many products are falsely labeled hypoallergenic, including kids earrings. To prevent infection or exposure to hazardous metals, purchasing authentic hypoallergenic products should be a top priority. Children are more sensitive than adults, and are more likely to react. When buying hypoallergenic earrings for kids, do your research well. 

Hypoallergenic Earring Materials

What makes earrings hypoallergenic? First off, knowing they don't include nickel, lead, or cadmium is a key factor. These components are used in jewelry, as they are inexpensive metals, durable and shiny. However, they are known to be the cause of many allergies and infections, therefore leading consumers to purchasing products that are ultimately nickel free. 

Being clear on what the hypoallergenic materials for earrings are can help you choose the right pair confidently. Not always will the label list the hypoallergenic metals for earrings, but having background info will guide you in the right direction.  Hypoallergenic earring materials include:

  • Surgical Stainless Steel 
  • Sterling Silver  - this also includes plated in white or yellow gold
  • Titanium Earrings
  • Platinum  - most expensive, yet best option

 A popular hypoallergenic metal for earrings is Surgical Stainless Steel. Due to the affordable cost and durability, it is well known in the jewelry industry. This metal is less likely to tarnish and fade, its shine lasting longer. Those with little or no nickel allergy do great with this option.

 Sterling Silver is made from a high percentage of silver added to a very small amount of other metals. Because of the miniscule amount of other metals added to it, it is much more resistant than pure silver. It is a very popular metal, as it is very high quality and lasts a lifetime. Sterling silver makes an excellent choice of hypoallergenic metal for earrings.

Are titanium earrings hypoallergenic? Yes! In fact, they are extremely gentle on sensitive skin, making them a great choice of hypoallergenic earrings for kids. Titanium earrings are durable, not heavy and last long. They contain no nickel, one of the greatest causes of infections. 

Platinum is every buyer's ultimate first choice, but not always their first purchase, as this hypoallergenic earring material is quite expensive. It is a pure metal, durable and precious, causing no allergic reactions. Besides being hypoallergenic, it is a great opportunity for investment as it rates higher than gold.  

Each of these materials highly decrease infections or allergies and are perfect choices for hypoallergenic earrings for kids. 

Safest Option For Kids Earrings


When safely buying kids jewelry, verify which hypoallergenic metals for earrings are being used. Look at the reputation of the company you are buying from. Choose those USA companies that focus specifically on kids earrings. Equipped with the correct information, you will be able to make the best decision possible and enjoy your purchase of hypoallergenic earrings for kids.

Purchasing Hypoallergenic Earrings For Kids


Ready to purchase your daughter’s first pair of earrings? Make sure you buy only hypoallergenic, lead and nickel free for your princess. Buying from a reputable company is equally important, as you want quality products and great customer service. Knowing your info can help you successfully purchase the right type of jewelry. Hypoallergenic kids earrings are definitely the way to go.  


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