A detail guide to giving your daughter her very first pair of kids earrings

A detail guide to giving your daughter her very first pair of kids earrings

Aug 11 , 2018


Alexander Singer

A guide to giving your daughter her very first pair of kids earrings

Nothing is more special than giving your daughter her first pair of kids earrings. But when is the right time to do so? There is an ongoing debate among parents regarding how young is too young to have a child get their ears pierced. There is no right or wrong answer here. So as you do so safely and follow the aftercare exactly, there is no harm in having your daughter's ears pierced at a young age. Keep reading for guidance on how to prepare your little girl for her first pair of kids earrings.

Just where did the idea of piercing ears come from?

Whoever thought of piercing their ears in the first place? Piercing goes way back to biblical times. If you ask parents why they get their child’s ears pierced, it all depends. Take the Latino community. Having a daughter get her ears pierced as an infant is a common practice. In Hinduism, Karnavedha (or getting your ears pierced) is one of the sixteen sacraments that both boys and girls receive. Karnavedha happens when they are four or five years old. For others, they consider getting a girl’s ears pierced as a right of passage into becoming a woman.

When is the right age to pierce a childs ear?

There is no real definitive answer here. The ideal time to have a child’s ears pierced is right after their first vaccination, around two months after their born. A young baby is still developing their immune system and waiting until then is most ideal. You have to remember that ear piercing is very safe as long as you follow the aftercare instructions. If you have them pierced when your daughter is a young baby, keep the site as clean as possible and you should be fine.

Does age play any role when it comes to the pain of having your ears pierced?

If you have your ears pierced then you probably remember what it felt like. If you had them done as an adult it may have been nothing more than a simple prick. No biggie, right? But what is it like for kids?

A positive about having them done when they are still a newborn is that they aren’t old enough yet to localize pain. It will hurt, but the difference is that a young baby won’t know to hold their ears. This prevents them from tugging at the piercing site potentially causing an infection. If you have them pierced later on in life, they will feel it more. A tear or two may be shed, but it isn’t anything that ibuprofen and a piece of candy can’t solve.

Let her decide on when she wants her first pair of kids earrings

An argument for holding off on piercing your daughter’s ears is to give them the choice as to whether or not they want to have them done. If you do leave it up to your daughter, bring her up to speed on what the process is like so she knows what to expect. The best part? Picking out kids earrings together! Take this opportunity to teach her about the different metals, stones, and process that jewelers go through to make kids earrings.

Where should you take your daughter to get her ears pierced?

Take a kid to a tattoo parlor? You’ve got to be kidding me!

When it comes to getting your daughter her first pair of kids earrings, where you get her ears pierced matters. You want to take them to a reputable business that knows what they are doing. This could mean taking your daughter to your town’s local tattoo parlor.

If the idea of taking your daughter to a tattoo parlor to get her ears pierced freaks you out, don’t worry. Talk to those in your community and find out where they took their kids to have their ears pierced. Check with stores in the mall that offer piercings and ask how they do it. Is it with a needle or piercing gun? How experienced are they with doing piercings on children of your daughter’s age? Look for a reputable business that is sanitary, experienced, and is highly recommended by those your trust. When your daughter is ready for her first pair of kids earrings, think about the following points before picking out a place to go get her ears pierced.

Ask your doctor

First things first. Before you hop online and Google stores or piercing parlors, speak with your doctor and make sure this is a good idea. If your daughter has any illness or chronic conditions, it’s good to know how that will play a role when getting her ears pierced. They are also a good source to ask for recommendations as to where to have it done. In fact, some pediatricians offer ear piercings so don’t be afraid to ask.

Set up an appointment to meet with a piercer

It is good etiquette to set up an appointment with a piercer versus coming in on a whim. Talk to them over the phone and let them know that this is your daughter’s first time getting her ears pierced. That will help them to schedule their day around that information. The piercer will be more flexible and understanding. An experienced piercer knows what it is like for both parent and daughter and are sensitive to the matter. Help them out by coming in early and get your daughter familiar with the surroundings. This will ease any stress she may be feeling. Most piercers will allow you to hold your daughter’s hand during the process. Just ask!

Are they a member of any piercing associations?

Look for a piercer who is a part of an organization like the Association for Professional Piercers (APP). That is another good sign that they know what they are doing. This shows that they take their business above and beyond getting a license. Those that are members of the APP get access to publications, safety courses, and piercing techniques. They are also another source to use when looking for someone in your area. You can visit their site to find out more.

The night before and day of ritual

Make sure that the night before your daughter goes to get her ears pierced she gets plenty of sleep. It’s exciting, yes! But getting an ample amount of shut-eye will help with the process. Additionally, have her drink lots of fluids to gear up for the big day. Again, ask your piercer for additional information on how to make the process go smoothly. Have her eat a full meal before and bring hair ties or bobby pins to help keep the hair out of the way. If she is scared about how painful it will be, give her a small dose of ibuprofen. Again, consult with your doctor when it comes to medications and piercings.

How do you prepare her for any pain she may feel?

It is normal for your daughter to be afraid of the needle or piercing gun. Talk her through it and reassure her that everything will be fine. Bringing along a toy to hold or candy to eat while her ears are being prepped is one way to distract her from what is going on. If it is the unknown amount of pain that is scary, ask the shop or your doctor for some topical cream to numb the earlobes. If that isn’t available to you, using ice will work just as well.

Get all the aftercare and cleaning solutions for your pair of kids earrings

Talk to the piercer and get all the information about how to keep a piercing clean before you head on home. The most important thing is to be sure your daughter doesn’t touch the piercing site without washing her hands first. The site will feel irritated but if she keeps touching it, germs could get into the newly pierced hole and cause an infection. Cleaning the site with hydrogen peroxide or cleaning solutions from the shop on a frequent basis afterward will ensure the site stays clean until the piercing heals.

First things first, prep the cleaning area

Begin the cleaning process by washing your hands. This may seem obvious, but the oils on your hands can carry bacteria that can sneak onto the earring’s post. You’ll also want to grab a bowl to put under you when you begin cleaning them. This will prevent losing any pieces to the earrings.

Clean kids earrings with a sanitizing solution

Soap and water aren’t enough when it comes to cleaning your kid earrings. Instead, use a sanitizing solution provided by a piercing shop. If that isn’t available, you can use rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. Ammonia-based cleaners are safe for gold and diamonds, but keep in mind that it can hurt other gemstones and metals. A cotton ball is all you really need to rub these sanitizing solutions onto kids earrings. Something like a toothbrush is too abrasive and can scratch the metals taking away their shine.

Sleeping with kids earrings on

It is okay if your daughter wants to sleep with her earrings on, especially after she gets them pierced. But, bare in mind that you risk tarnishing them if you chose to sleep with them in. The other thing to think about is they can get snagged on the sheets at night and pull or stretch the piercing. This can cause pain and affect your daughter’s sleep. To avoid all these potential scenarios, you are better off taking them out at night and keeping them in a safe place.

What to do if your kid's ears get an infection

Even if you practice cleaning your new pair of kids earrings on a regular basis, there is always bacteria out there that can cause an infection. Signs of an infected earlobe are; that they turn red, swell, are warm and painful to the touch, and could excrete yellow pus. If you see any of these symptoms, consult your doctor on how to care for the ear. They may suggest regularly cleaning the piercing and putting ointment on it. A nice ice cream cone can also help your daughter keep her mind off the pain.

Terrific! Everything went well with your daughter’s piercing and she is happy as a clam! Now for the fun part. Buying kids earrings that will last a lifetime. Especially the first pair. You definitely want a high quality pair of kids earrings that will prevent any ear infections. Finding the right piece for you daughter depends on price, metal, and style. Keep reading to see what you should look for when purchasing kids earrings.

What metal is best?

Metal matters when it comes to getting your first pair of kids earrings. The safest bet is purchasing a pair of 24k gold earrings. You will never have a reaction to pure gold. But on the flip side, pure gold is very expensive. A more affordable pair of safe kids earrings would be to purchase 925 sterling silver earrings that are gold plated. Plating the gold over 925 silver, provides an extra protection on the ear. This a great way to have the benefits of the gold metal at an affordable price. Your other option is to go with something that is stainless steel. The one type of metal to avoid is nickel. Nickle is the most common type of metal that kids have an allergic reaction to. Many companies advertise that there jewelry is hypoallergenic. The USA currently does not have a legal specific standard to what qualifies as hypoallergenic kids earrings. Therefor, it is important that you understand what metal material you are being sold, before buying your girls earrings.

What is the best style?

Kids earrings should be comfortable to wear. The type of metal they're made from certainly helps, but so does the style. Giving a child an adult size post can cut into their head, making them uncomfortable. It also puts them at a higher risk for infection. This is why you should check the post size and make sure they are on the shorter end. Additionally, kids earrings with a screw on back, better known as screwback earrings can be great for a child that loses there earrings often.

Another great option that is starting to become more popular are kids leverback earrings. If made right, they can be extremely secure and gives the child’s ear more room to breathe than typical post earrings, preventing less infections.

How should you store kids earrings?

Jewelry is an investment, especially when it comes to your first pair of kids earrings. Your first pair of kids earrings are special and taking care of them on a regular basis will keep them looking new. It will also preserve them so that when your daughter is all grown up, you can look at them and remember when she was little.

You should keep earrings in a dry and clean place. This can be either a jewelry box or pouch that is fabric lined to prevent the metal from tarnishing. If you do store them in a jewelry box, make sure you organize them properly. Not only will this prevent losing kids earrings, but it makes it so the jewelry doesn’t get scratched or tangled with other pieces.

The number one reason why you should clean kids earrings on a regular basis is to prevent ear infections. Putting these practices into play will prevent that, and lengthen the amount of time that a kids earrings will last.

Where to buy kids earrings?

You can buy earrings everywhere from a vendor at a street fair, a jewelry shop at the mall, or from an online store. It all depends on who you are comfortable buying from. Until you get a little more comfortable regarding the types of kids earrings your daughter likes and doesn’t like, buy from reputable companies.

Make sure the company stands behind there jewelry and offers returns if you are not happy.

Make this a bonding experience

Getting your ears pierced is a special moment, so make a day out of it! Bond with your daughter and be there for her. Take her out for ice cream afterward or promise a little extra screen time that day. She may seem so grown up after she gets them done, which could be a reality check for you. Having that extra time before and afterward gives you the opportunity to take in the experience.

The best part of getting your daughter’s ears pierced is finding a cute pair of kids earrings to gift to her. She’ll love to replace the initial studs with something fun and playful to show off at school. Whatever you do, make getting your little girl's ear pierced an experience she won’t ever forget.

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