We're Parents First. Jewelers Second

Our daughters represent the royalty in our family, deserving to be accessorized in the absolute best.

When we began to look for jewelry for them, nothing was satisfying our needs for safety and quality.

Knowing our daughters deserve only the best, we began Chanteur and introduced our company, producing high quality and safe products for girls.

We spent months researching jewelry, materials and manufactures before officially founding the company in 2012.

Chanteur started out by selling a few products to local shops, but has since expanded to produce and sell thousands of jewelry items per year.

We can honestly say our brand represents a line of jewelry that is world-class, and is a perfect choice for the ones you love most.

Here at Chanteur, we provide accessories for your little princess, without compromising on safety or an active child lifestyle. We craft every day luxuries for your child, as if they were one of our own. 

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