World’s Hottest Jewelry

World’s Hottest Jewelry

Jul 17 , 2017


Alexander Singer

World’s Hottest Jewelry

Believe it or not, it is said that being in the presence of beauty changes how you think.  In fact, our motor cerebellum is activated when we look at something beautiful and we therefore see something we want.  Is as if our brains take over our motor skills and we actually want to reach out and grab it without physically making the decision to do so.

It is this base instinct that is behind why many jewels, gems and precious metals have always been up for grabs.  Some of the most famous heists in history were conducted by masked bandits hijacking the Wells Fargo gold wagons and trains.  Those heists were for the literal value of the gold stolen.  More interesting are the heists that involve not only the value, but the intrinsic or added value of the jewels.

So now that we’ve let the cat out the bag that we behave poorly in the presence of beauty, some people throughout history have taken it a bit far.  One of the most humorous heists in history is called, “Is That a Scepter in Your Pants?


I guess if you’re going to steal jewelry, you might as well think big.  The crown jewels of England are about the most heavily guarded and famous jewels in history.  A little hard to pawn but some collectors will pay anything and actually hide their purchases.  Knowing they own them is good enough for them.  In 1671, Irishman Thomas Blood thought he would take on the Tower of London and conceived a plot full of costumes, fake titles, personas, and even a fake wife.  Once he got in, his plot ensured that he would be trusted and unguarded to see the jewels.  Now the plot really thickens.  In order to get the jewels out, they were crushed and split into pieces.  Believe it or not, they actually stuffed the mutilated jewels in their pants and tried to saunter out of the Tower.  Well, no one knows what really happened.  Maybe they walked a little funny.  Maybe the guards heard all the noise.  They were caught but in the end and were actually rewarded by the King for their audacious attempt.  We seriously doubt that kind of sentence would be accepted today.

Chanteur Designs hold the crown jewels for the princess in your life.  We pride ourselves in only using pure precious metals and the most brilliantly gorgeous gems.  We’ve updated the crown jewels to include:

What is super cool is the similarity between the hearth shaped crown and today’s heart-shaped jewelry designs.


So who hasn’t heard about the Hope Diamond?


The Hope diamond has changed hands more that we can count.  It has disappeared and then reappeared in a different shape.  It lost a lot of its original weight because of re-cutting.  Its historical beginning is actually as that of a third eye of a sacred Hindu God, and Jean Baptiste Tavernier stole it and fled back to France.  It would now be considered it “cursed.”  After all, there are legends about not stealing from sacred sites.   It was then stolen from Marie Antoinette and was considered “French” blue.  Bring in some revolutionaries, lock the king and queen up in prison and secure the diamond in the safest place possible from the drunken citizens of France and voilà!  Once again, a perfect set-up for another heist. But rather than being safe in its revolutionary gem prison, it was then stolen again by the more adventurous French from the room where the treasures were locked up along with the rest of the jewels.  This drunken debauchery diverted everyone’s attention and the diamond was successfully stolen, only to show up years later in England but cut down by a third of its size and reshaped yet again.

I know what you’re thinking.  I don’t want to have to protect my daughter’s jewelry in a fortress.  That where Chanteur Designs comes in.  We offer you the most up-to-date designs with the shiniest options available.  All at a reasonable price.  Although our jewelry is worth stealing, we’ve made it a fashionable accessory affordable to everyone.


Who knows, there might be pieces of the Hope Diamond in some of our pieces (just kidding...all that legal disclaimer stuff comes in here).  However, it certainly makes a good fairy tale.

Exiled Jewels

Right before Napoleon Bonaparte split up with his also famous wife, Josephine, he gave her one of the most lavish necklaces in history.  And then it turned into one of the biggest he-said, she-said arguments in history.  The story goes that, years later, after Napoleon’s exile and on his deathbed he whispered, “Josephine.”  She didn’t quite feel the same way, immediately released a portrait of herself wearing the jewels as a final “Ha! Ha!.”  This publicity stunt cost her the jewels as they were promptly stolen from her estate.

Chanteur Designs has some pretty lavish necklaces in our collection, too.  Classically designed with today’s fashions in mind, we have the most valuable jewels of today!

Give the girl in your life the keys to the kingdom without all the fuss of having to install a Tower of London home security system or risk a calculated heist.  Now, we are not saying that your girl’s jewelry won’t be coveted and create a sensation amongst her peers wanting what she has. After all, that is part of wearing hot jewelry.


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