Top Eco Summer Faves for Families

Top Eco Summer Faves for Families

Jul 14 , 2021


Tasha Mayberry

Our five year old just learned to swim! Such a proud moment as a parent. We paid for two months of swim lessons which I think were a bit helpful, but in the end he learned by two people standing apart in the water and us pushing him back and forth (like playing pass with a kid!). He could always touch if he needed to and if he went under we grabbed him quickly. Took about three visits to the beach doing this game and he just started swimming on his own. Yay!

In celebration we thought we would share our top four all time beach must-haves for families - eco-friendly too!

#1 Zizzy Bags

Zizzy Bags are the BEST! Ditch the ziplock-style bags and use Zizzy instead.

  • Reusable, washable, see-through, and has a hang or hold loop.
  • We put all our sunscreen, googles, sunglasses, change of dry clothes, and more in our Zizzy Bags for the beach.
  • No more digging in our beach bag to find what we need. I grab my Zizzy Bag inside our beach bag and everything is organized in one place.
  • Been using these for almost 10 years! Zizzy Bags saves you 1000+ plastic bags a year.
  • Lifetime Replacement Warranty too.

Three Large Bags - $22.95

best travel organization bag

#2 BOGG Bag

I LOVE this beach tote! 

Super durable, washable, waterproof, and a really cool looking design.

The best part, it won't tip over.

Invented by a mom, this tote includes useful features like a plastic zipper pouch insert to secure your personal items like a wallet, car keys, or your cell phone. 

I've watched this brand grow from the beginning - a MUST-HAVE!

LARGE Bogg Tote - $79.95

best beach tote waterproof

#3 Organic Lightweight Summer Poncho (Kids + Adults!)

We love Natemia's hooded bamboo towels for kids and now they have beautiful and playful hooded ponchos made with premium quality cotton muslin.

  • Light and exceptionally soft muslin material
  • Super comfortable
  • Ultimate summer essential for the pool or beach
  • Perfect for drying off or covering up
  • Keep your little one warm and comfortable

$45.95 - Organic Summer Poncho for Kids

organic summer poncho hood kids

#4 Non-Toxic Sunscreen by ThinkBaby

I LOVE this stuff!

Works so well, not greasy, and no icky ingredients. Smells great.

I was alarmed to find out how many "natural" sunscreens still have bad ingredients that can harm kids.

What Makes Think Baby Sunscreen a safer alternative?

  • BPA Free
  • Organic and mineral based
  • Non-Aerosol & Biodegradable
  • Reef Safe
  • Water Resistant up to 80 minutes
  • Paraben free
  • Pediatrician-dermatologist tested.

BONUS USE: I use a tiny bit to spike my son's hair and it works well to get the beach waves look for girls too.

$20.99 - Family Size - Best Eco Sunscreen for Kids

best eco sunscreen for kids

And don't forget some summer bling...

Add some cuteness to your little one's beach or vacation outfits.

Our non-toxic jewelry for kids have adorable designs like our sea turtle earrings for kids.

Swarovski Elements, non-toxic, and safe for kids. No lead or harmful metals like most jewelry for children has!

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turtle earrings for kids

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