Why are some ears sensitive to earrings? | Chanteur

Why are some ears sensitive to earrings? | Chanteur

Jul 13 , 2022


Alexander Singer

Why are some ears sensitive to earrings?

Ever wonder why some earrings work well in your ears, but others cause infections that last for days? Why do my ears itch when I wear earrings? Allergies! Metals sometimes used in jewelry cause earring sensitivity, thereby causing irritation and infections. Nickel, lead, and cadmium should be avoided as those metals contain materials that cause allergies to the ears. 

The hole in the ear is an already delicate part of our skin. Therefore, an earring has more of a chance of causing a reaction than a necklace or bracelet. Depending on the level of allergy, the reaction ranges from redness to itchiness to sometimes even bleeding. When the allergy is subtle, you can often wear these earrings for a short period. 

When looking to purchase girls' earrings,  hypoallergenic earrings are the best choice for sensitive ears. Hypoallergenic earrings are made from materials safe for sensitive areas.

Why are some people’s ears sensitive to earrings and others not? Those who already have sensitive skin are prone to earring infections and should be extra careful to avoid the metals discussed above. Others, with less sensitive skin, can normally handle short-term wear of metals that usually cause irritation. 

How to wear earrings without irritation 

Don't want to give up those stunning earrings that cause you to itch? Follow these steps to help ensure you too can wear stylish earrings even if they contain metals which cause allergies.

  • Wear them only for short periods
  • Remove them at night
  • Clean each night with dishwashing soap

If you still want to wear jewelry with nickel, the main component causing allergies, wearing them for short periods is crucial to prevent infections. Because the post is usually made from rough material or tight, it causes reactions. Allow the hole to breathe to ensure healthy ear holes, removing the earrings at night. Consumers also find that cleaning your posts with dishwashing soap washes away all that crust accumulating, thereby preventing infections. 

Is Sterling Silver good for sensitive ears?

You may wonder if sterling silver  is a good material to use on ears sensitive to earrings. Research finds the following metals safe to wear:

  • Sterling silver, plated in white or yellow gold
  • Sterling silver 
  • Titanium
  • 14 k gold

Therefore, remember to check the material used, as it can be the key to successful earrings that won’t infect ears. 

Leverback vs. screwbacks; earrings that won't infect ears 

Is there a difference irritation-wise with leverback vs. screw back? Sometimes your little princess doesn't have an allergy, but something is irritating her regardless. Knowing if her ear can handle a screw back earring, a post on the ear, is super important. Often, the post bothers the ear, as the ear lobe is a very thin layer of skin. Other kids are comfortable with leverback and screw back if the material is hypoallergenic. Chanteur manufactures good earrings for sensitive ears and has a good selection of both leverback and screw backs. 

Leverbacks allow the earring hole to breathe, thereby helping prevent infections. This is a preferable option for those who know they are sensitive to the post directly on the skin, with no breathing space. Others, who are aware of the materials being used to manufacture, and feel comfortable with them, can comfortably wear screw-back earrings. This being said, it must be purchased from a reputable company that is honest with the material they use. 

Looking for that perfect pair of girl’s earrings for sensitive ears?

We now know that earrings, manufactured from safe material, are usually compatible with the ear. If you are one of the few with no allergies or sensitivities, you do not need to continue reading! Most of us need to know the right questions to inquire about and what causes these reactions. Being clear on the metals, taking breaks with your earrings, and buying from a reputable company that uses safe materials should be your key to success. Knowing the earrings that infect your kid's ears will prevent unnecessary purchases, producing stunning earlobes! 

Chanteur is a reputable company that manufactures adorable girl’s jewelry, with earring sensitivity in mind. The materials used when creating our jewelry are completely safe, and each of our products are durable and strong. Check out Chanteur’s incredible selection of girl’s jewelry, including a range of the best earrings for sensitive ears.

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