Girls Jewelry: Summer Gotta Haves

Girls Jewelry: Summer Gotta Haves

Jun 27 , 2017


Alexander Singer

What’s old is new again.  Yep.  Did you already survive the “first” 1980’s? You know you did if you hear “Summer Lovin’,” in your head and you see Olivia Newton John and John Travolta dancing their way through high school.  Well, believe it or not, the 80’s are back in style.

Not only the 80’s, but according to Girls Tween Fashion there are 11 items a girl needs in her wardrobe for this summer.  We’ve culled it down to 8 that we believe fit into our lifestyle and appropriateness for today’s girl:


  1. White dresses
  2. Halter neck skater dresses
  3. Tee-shirt dresses
  4. All that is unicorn
  5. Cactus motifs
  6. Gingham styles
  7. Metallic, Glitter and Highlights

And finally, gladiator cage sandals.  The jury’s still out on those but we chose to throw them in the mix just in case.

Chanteur Jewelry has an accessory for all of those wardrobe musts.  Check out our very own uniquely designed Unicorn earrings:


And nobody does metallic, glitter and highlights better than Chanteur Designs. We partnered with Swarovski Elements and use their magnificent gems to enhance the beauty of our jewelry styles.  Swarovski crystals are lead safe and sparkle and shine much brighter than authentic diamonds, making them our number one choice for children’s jewelry.


Czech is another exquisite choice of crystals we use for our delicate and dainty jewelry styles. It is also lead safe, and enhances your child with a beautiful shine.


Another beautiful substitute for real diamonds are our CZ products displayed on our site. Lead safe, they too glisten strongly, and are a great choice of stone for our products.

So what else does the 2017 summer of lovin’ bring your special girl According to Seventeenthere are some closet essentials to add to the list above:

  1. Plain white tee
  2. Slouchy cream sweater
  3. Oversized baseball tee
  4. Black tank
  5. White jeans
  6. Dark jeans
  7. Cut offs
  8. Denim jacket

Here at Chanteur, we provide accessories for your little princess to go with any of these summer wardrobe options, without compromising on safety or an active child lifestyle.

We craft every day luxuries for your child, as if they were one of our own. After all, this is how we at Chanteur started out, and are now inviting you to view the extension of our original family designs.  Our daughters represent the royalty in our family, as we’re sure they are in yours, deserving to be accessorized in the absolute best.

We can honestly say our brand represents a line of jewelry that is world-class, and is a perfect choice for the ones you love most.  We are excited to share our entire line of fine and safe jewelry with your family.  Visit our website at Chanteur Designs!


Thanks again for the 80’s resurgence.  “I’ll be back.”



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