Dear Mom: Here Are My Favorite Accessory Trends of 2017

Dear Mom: Here Are My Favorite Accessory Trends of 2017

May 18 , 2017


Alexander Singer

Dear Mom,

With the latest fads and trends coming and going so quickly, it is hard for me to keep up. So, I rely on Chanteur Designs for my fashion needs and I want you to be a part of that. I go directly to the source of cool and like a kid asking Santa, I’m sending you this information so you know what I need. OK. Want.

I am trying to discover new trends and my wardrobe is always changing. I can’t afford (and you can’t gift me) enough new jeans to keep up. So, Chanteur Designs provides a super solution for your money and for me. I have already learned from the best (mom and grandma) on how to accessorize, but Chanteur Designs is my partner in crime!

I want to dress up.  I don’t want to be flashy, but I do want to be trendy.  I have good family values yet I want to be a kid, look great and be in the top of my class in the fashion world. Seriously, just because I am a kid does not mean I can not be super fashionable.

Chanteur Designs is my solution to keeping up with all my friends. It’s a dog eat dog world out here and I want to spend my time and your money the best way possible. Chanteur Designs will make me feel beautiful, everyone will want to be me and it will all be thanks to you!

Let’s begin! Below are the 7 Must Have Accessories and Trends of 2017 (Or insert new headline)

Statement necklace: There is no need to spend all of your money on filling your closet with tons of bold tops, dresses and shoes; a beautiful statement necklace can dress up and distinguish even the simplest white tee. You can add some colours, shapes and character to any outfit that you think looks boring!

chanteur necklace girls jewelry

Screwback Earrings: The choker dominated for the past couple of years, but 2017 is all about earrings in their boldest forms. Like all jewelry, it is all about the statement and these little studs do just that! Give your ears a rest with studs you can wear every day, but are anything but minimal.

Turquoise: Yes mom, you heard that right, turquoise. According to many fashion magazines and blogs...turquoise is hot, hot, hot! Turquoise and silver are one of jewelry’s most classic combinations. This is one of the largest accessory trends of the past two years and is certainly not going anywhere anytime soon.

turquoise girls jewelry

Fun fact: The gemstone Turquoise has long been one of the most popular gemstones and is also the birthstone for December.

We all know accessories are a girl’s best friend and can truly make an outfit come full circle. That said, Chanteur Designs also understand that accessories are most often the most expensive part of any designer look. At Chanteur Designs, they strongly believe that this should not be the case. They believe that top quality and fashionable jewelry should not come with an expensive price tag. These next jewelry trends are definitely some of my favorites so pay close attention!

Double Strand Necklaces: Double strand necklaces are by far a go to favorite for many of my favorite celebrities. The double strand is unique, fun and I must add this to my collection!

Dangling Earrings: Some have said these big earrings are the new chokers. I say, at the very least, these earrings can certainly dress up my wardrobe no matter the season.

Bangles: Bangles are my new favorite piece of jewelry, hands down. They pair well with everything from dresses, to white tees and even to jeans!

Rose Gold: One of the seasons must have jewelry trends is Rose Gold. This type of metal color is elegant, unique, and will certainly hold its ground in the fashion industry. That said, Rose Gold has been recently getting more and more popular in all jewelry trends, although it is an original colour. This year it has been seen as a preferred colour over Gold and Silver. Having a warmer feel than Silver and a cooler feel than Gold, this gives it an attractive and expensive aspect!

To view Chanteur Designs full collection of Jewelry take a look at Chanteur Designs! Their brand represents a line of jewelry that is world-class and is a perfect choice for the ones you love most, like me! All of their medals are 100% lead, nickel and cadmium safe. Let’s face it, most crystals contain lead. Theirs do not, and they simply do not compromise on this issue. They only work with sophisticated suppliers who provide 100% lead free stones. In fact, they partnered with Swarovski elements and use their magnificent gems to enhance the beauty of their jewelry styles. Chanteur Designs is my go to source for jewelry and for those who are aspiring to be trendsetters and fashionistas like myself!

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